Proof of Utility for ICO tokens

Proof-of-Utility for ICOs

The ICO Phenomenon The rapid rise and fall of cryptocurrency have spurred the interest of the masses in blockchain technologies. Hundreds of thousands of people register on various crypto exchanges daily, the largest of which this year had to close registration for new accounts to update the infrastructure, which had...
Petro Coin

Petro Coin: The First National Digital Currency

Venezuela Launches National Cryptocurrency The President of Venezuela announced the creation of a national cryptocurrency, Petro (backed up by oil reserves) in December 2017. On November 5, Venezuela launched the official sale of its widely-discussed cryptocurrency. Apparently, the new coin has made huge progress: on the first day of the...

Can Blockchain and GDPR Coexist?

In today’s world of ubiquitous connectivity, everyone shares their personal data in one way or the other. There are more than 60 billion messages being sent on a daily basis on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp not to mention over 250 billion emails being sent back and forth every day. From...