Blockchain Consortiums Importance

Blockchain Consortium as Blockchain Ecosystem Evolution Element

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is not new, but still, it is not widespread. Due to Bitcoin (BTC), many of us have become familiar with this innovation, which has been changing the world dramatically. Our interest tends to focus primarily upon the price of BTC, but not the practical implementation and...

The Rise of Asset-Backed Cryptos

The digital world is changing the way we think about everything we own, from real estate to cars and beyond. This is especially true in the rising world of cryptocurrencies. Everything from collectables to precious metals is now able to be digitized and backed by a cryptocurrency. This new category...
Is Bitcoin a Good Investment Right Now

Examining the Case for Bitcoin Investment

Over the past several years one thing has been on the minds of investors everywhere: is Bitcoin a good investment? This question is complex and requires examining many factors before making an investment in Bitcoin. This is because Bitcoin is a new technology with implications yet unknown by even those...
Bitcoin hard forks have now become the preferred strategy of creating offshoots to the original cryptocurrency in order to create a new coin and raise cash through the marketplace

Bitcoin Hard Fork Trend

A bitcoin road often diverges in the blockchain woods, and yet people don’t quite know which is the less traveled by (with apologies to the great poet Robert Frost) leading to times of confusion, times of bountiful rewards, and times of just pure heartbreak. To those who have been following...
7ac - Blockchain in Food Industry

Blockchain in Food Supply Chains

Having already found its place in the financial industry, blockchain technology is making its way toward implementation in various spheres amidst government warnings. Though cryptocurrencies sometimes arouse suspicion, blockchain technology offers a huge number of solutions that can be applied to the market. As a decentralized platform for transparent, secure...
7ac - How to Hire the Best ICO Developer

How to Hire the Best ICO Developer

The current technological revolution in the form of the rapid development of blockchain technology offers a favorable environment for career growth as well as an excellent pay scale. Currently, the blockchain world’s demand for blockchain developers is constantly increasing. This demonstrates the bright advantages of this profession. How Should the...
7ac - How to Invest in Blockchain

How to Invest in Blockchain Technology

With the growth of blockchain technology, it is becoming more and more attractive to investors seeking help in developing their technologies with a range of enhanced solutions. Moreover, blockchain is beneficial for businesses in any sphere. In fact, blockchain technology was designed specifically as a platform for secure and transparent...
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