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How to Hire the Best ICO Developer


The current technological revolution in the form of the rapid development of blockchain technology offers a favorable environment for career growth as well as an excellent pay scale.

Currently, the blockchain world’s demand for blockchain developers is constantly increasing. This demonstrates the bright advantages of this profession.blockchain job posting by year

How Should the Best ICO Team Look?

A team is the motor of any project. That’s why it is recommended to hire an experienced and qualified ICO team. A professional blockchain developer is a must-have in order to implement a project during its operation and after the end of the ICO. This is why you should not focus on people who are interested only in the short-term perspective.

To find out what the best ICO team should look like, let’s consider the different aspects of your company and the blockchain project it is embarking upon:

  • Is it a startup or a big corporation?
  • What culture does the company follow?
  • What can the company offer its members?

What Should a Company Know?

The development of blockchain applications requires a team with significant experience in the sphere and a specialized set of skills.

Make sure you have discovered the following aspects:

  • Validation of the candidate’s personal achievements in his or her previous position.
  • Check whether he or she has the necessary experience in blockchain applications development.
  • What has been their experience in running businesses in the past?

It is recommended that you conduct your own research on any potential member you come across on a website, instead of just relying on their provided CV.

A company must present itself as effective, well-organized and perspective. Those are the skills of a good executive. Check out management first.

Keep in mind that the best blockchain developers differ from usual workers, and are always in great demand. There are a lot of recruiters chasing them with advantageous deals. To assure them that your company is the best place ever to work, find out how you can tempt them to work with you.


Undoubtedly, money is one of the biggest motivating factors for everyone, regardless of the field. And the blockchain sphere is no exception. The best developers want a high salary. If you want a highly skilled member of your team, find out how much they have now, and just offer more.

As of July 10, 2018, average salaries in the blockchain sphere per year in the United States are:

  • Senior developer – $99,000
  • Developer – $89,000
  • Software engineer – $101,000
  • Engineer – $86,000

The chart below demonstrates the 3-month moving average for salaries of blockchain developer:The 3-month moving average for salaries of blockchain developer

The salary of a blockchain developer also depends on a country of an ICO:


It’s no secret that the most talented workers often live far from the company’s location. Be ready for the fact that they might be remote workers. You’ll have to come up with ways to accommodate them within the context of your operations. As a rule, they want to have a flexible workday, more frequent holidays, and access to other special privileges.

Professional Development

A project has to look like it’s worth working on. In this case, it will be quite easy to entice them into your company. Figure out how to encourage them to work with you. The motivation can be different: more autonomy and the freedom to implement projects on their own, for example. Provide excellent opportunities for their professional development and progress in their career. Think about additional education and sending them to world blockchain conferences. This will definitely be a decisive factor in accepting your offer.

Where to Search for the Best Blockchain Developers?

Freelance websites are one of the biggest marketplaces where any employer can find and hire top candidates in the blockchain sphere.

Set engagement with potential members of your ICO team in their own environment. You will find public forums like Gitter and Reddit useful in searching for qualified experts. Also, check out discussions at meetups and events to avoid missing a really advantageous replenishment to your team.=  Many blockchain developers are involved in real-world projects through platforms like HackerRank or GitHub. The right developer for you could be undertaking several different projects at the same time and achieving different goals simultaneously. Be ready.

In practice, few professionals are running their own startups. Also, consider the fact that they won’t drop all their ongoing projects to start working for your company. Think about how to encourage them to choose you. Assure them that your company has the right work and culture.

Also, take into account such factors as type of project, project length, the number of people needed, and whether they need to be experts in the field or just enthusiasts who can develop their skills and gain useful experience.

Some freelancing platforms are known worldwide, like Upwork (formerly Elance-oDesk), which gathers about 13 million registered businesses and independent experts in different fields. Upwork holds interviews, and is a bridge for communication with freelancers and agencies. It provides the ability to track the hire’s work through screenshots of his or her work process. You can also find the most suitable member for your company’s team via online chat, which saves time spent on sourcing and hiring. Just consider their references, and write to the right blockchain developer.

Upwork also provides reviews and freelancers’ work evaluations by their previous employers.

Use these ICO resources to search for the best blockchain developers:

  1. Ambisafe will help you create any type of blockchain-based asset and place it in any cryptocurrency exchange in the world.
  2. Bitcoin Talk forum offers cryptocurrency and altcoin forum discussions.
  3. CoinFund Slack channel holds discussions about token sales.
  4. CoinSchedule is one of the most successful blockchain-based projects for crowdfunding. Consider the list of projects for further investment.
  5. CryptoCompare is a place where people can discuss the latest crypto events.
  6. CryptoSmile announces new ICOs.
  7. CyberFund lists all news about blockchain events.
  8. ICO Countdown is focused on crowdfunding and ascertainment of ICO projects.
  9. ICO List presents all available token sales.
  10. ICOO provides possibilities for an ICO launch.
  11. ICO Rating conducts evaluations of companies that plan to run an ICO.
  12. ICO Tracker provides a listing of ICOs based upon their white paper, roadmap, team members, bounty program, and crowdsale.
  13. Newbium presents crypto-world news.
  14. PrivateMarket provides access for conducting market transactions online.
  15. TokenMarket is a place where one can choose an asset or any other blockchain project in which to invest. Also, there is the ability to conduct research on tokenized assets and run a crowdsale.
  16. Reddit’s ICO Crypto forum features discussions about ongoing ICOs and crowd sales.


In general, all platforms can bring an experienced developer onto your ICO team. Search for them within the blockchain-oriented environment. As blockchain is an innovative sphere, a lot of top developers are working with several companies at the same time. Just discover their specific motivation, and fulfill it in order to be fully sure of your ICO team.

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